Hukum Pidana Internasional (Fenomena Hitler “Nazi” Dan Pengadilan Nuremberg 1946)

Balian Zahab



Holocaust denial or Holocaust denial is the belief that it never happened, or that the number of deaths or casualties of the Jews who were killed by Nazi Germany is not as much as it has been heralded and much less than 6 million people, that there was never any attempt-attempts to annihilate the Jews. Most of the deniers of the Holocaust is mentioned by scholars that the term is "misleading". Organizations like the American Historical Association (American Historitical Association) stated that Holocaust denial is a form of academic fraud, the cause of public denial of the holocaust is a crime in ten European countries including France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania and Germany.

Keywords: Law, International, International Law, Holocoust, Hitler, Nazi, Nuremberg

Source : Jurnal Hukum Progresif

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